Ep. 32: Jenny Tesler Discusses Daughter’s Battle with Rare Disorder, Rett Syndrome, Plus Talks About Documentary ‘Magnolia’s Hope’ Which Chronicles Their Family’s Journey

When three-year-old Magnolia Tesler was diagnosed with a rare disease, her parents didn’t know what to do. This intimate documentary follows the Tesler family as they spring into action in an effort to cure their daughter from a rare, debilitating disorder. An ordinary and healthy baby, she was crawling, talking, and hitting all her milestones. But around the age of two, she started developing mysterious symptoms: balance issues, hand wringing, speech loss, and rocking for hours in her crib.

Her parents, AJ and Jenny, were desperate for answers. After taking Maggie to numerous specialists, they got a heartbreaking diagnosis: Rett Syndrome. Spanning eight years and told through home videos, vlogs, animation, and interviews, Magnolia’s Hope is a raw, first-hand account of a family struggling to cope with their child’s special needs through therapies, clinical trials, and everything in between.

On episode #32 of Time Out with Tinseltown Mom, I speak with Magnolia’s mom, Jenny Tesler about her family’s journey with Rett Syndrome plus we talk about how Magnolia’s doing today.

For a very limited time, you can purchase your virtual ticket to watch Magnolia’s Hope at magnoliashopedoc.com or follow their journey on their blog at MagnoliasHope.com or on their social media channels at:

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